Why for contour plastics – only in the clinic


We have all heard about such a concept as a certified drug and https://pillintrip.com/medicine/proviron-25mg, but we do not always think about what is behind these words. But this is the most important moment! This means that the manufacturer is fully responsible for the composition of the drug, the date of manufacture and for all the consequences of its interaction with your body. If the drug is certified, you can feel safe.


Not everyone thinks about how the face will look after the drug is absorbed. Fillers from trusted manufacturers stay in tissues for up to 24 months, in some patients – up to three to four years. And all this time, the drug biodegrades – this is a natural process of processing a filler or a drug based on hyaluronic acid. After complete biodegradation, the drug disappears without any consequences. But if the filler was of poor quality or was introduced into the wrong layer, lumps and tubercles may form, and it will have to be removed with special means. Alas, there are cases when, when using dubious synthetic drugs, they had to be removed by plastic surgeons, and only after the rehabilitation process should injections be made again.


It turns out that the result of contouring also depends on how the doctor complied with the standards of sterility. Proper treatment of the area into which the gel will be injected is extremely important. A professional cosmetologist prepares it, as for an operation, treats it with several disinfecting solutions (only chlorhexidine is indispensable here). Make-up is completely washed off so that not a single particle of powder or foundation remains, the injection point of the drug is treated with an alcohol solution. Even some speck of dust that gets under the skin, especially with a weakened immune system, can cause swelling and even inflammation. In addition, in cosmetology clinics, the cabinets themselves are disinfected.


In our face there are a huge number of veins, nerves, lymphatic vessels. Without knowledge of vascular anatomy, performing injections is simply dangerous! It would seem, what is it to prick your lips? But this is the most vascularized part of the face, with many capillaries and two important arteries: the upper labial and lower labial. The clinic employs only doctors with medical education who perform injections without risk to your health.

In addition, a cosmetologist knowingly collects a complete history, he is interested in your chronic or recent diseases. There are nuances that can affect the result of contouring. For example, if you had herpes a few days ago, no matter how much you want to inject, a real doctor will suggest you wait.


Contouring is always an individual decision. The beautician looks at your face like a sculptor and evaluates which tools are right for you. For example, there are cases when it is not advisable to solve the problem with fillers and anti-aging surgery will give the best result. A competent cosmetologist will recommend a consultation with a plastic surgeon, who is available in a multidisciplinary clinic. Sometimes it happens that it is enough for the surgeon to work with the upper third of the face (lobendoscopy), and only then the cosmetologist will correct the middle and lower parts with fillers.

The doctor also selects drugs for injection individually. For example, there are people who are not suitable for seemingly universal hyaluronic acid. These are patients with a deformation-edematous type of face, prone to edema. Hyaluronic acid attracts water and in their cases is contraindicated, they are given injections based on calcium hydroxyapatite.

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